Ageing Eyes (Presbyopia)

Understanding how your eyes change as you get older can be confusing!

Ageing Eyes (presbyopia) Xplained see’s the journey through Penny’s eyes in an engaging, informative and entertaining story. Take a look to fully understand what’s going on and how to see things clearly, now and in the future.

Ageing Eyes (presbyopia) Xplained follows Penny through the much hated years of admitting you’re getting older and your eyes are changing. The illustrated flip-through story, will tell you all about Presbyopia (or ageing eyes), what you can do about it and how to find the right solution for you!

Meet Penny:

I am a mother of 3 children so for 25 years now the main part of my life and passion has been my family.
About 5 years ago I suddenly noticed I couldn’t read fine print and also having problems with distance. My optometrist gave me multi focal glasses to begin with, but they were a pain – they were hurting to wear and giving me headaches. I’ve just been put on a path to try the cutting edge contacts and I have to say, things are looking up.

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Aging eyes, explained through storytelling.

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  • Alcon’s one mission is to provide cutting-edge products that help you see better and make your life easier. They believe that just because your eyes are getting older, it doesn’t have to mean you miss out on anything. With the right help, you can see clearly, now and into the future. This is why they focus on developing the newest technologies to create the right solution for both your eyes and your lifestyle.

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