How Does MyHealth1st Work?

Creating a MyHealth1st account is FREE, quick and easy!

It takes no more than a couple of minutes, and is no different to setting up an account anywhere else on the internet.

Once you have created your account, searching and booking and appointment with healthcare providers near you is a logical and straightforward process, as illustrated below.  

  • Search

    Search and find your preferrered or new healthcare provider.
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  • Book

    Choose a time, enter your details and book your appointment.
    You’ll also create your account with MyHealth1st just by booking.

  • Confirm Your Booking

    Check your details are correct, then click “Confirm” and your booking will be sent instantly to your chosen practice.

  • Book Again With Ease

    MyHealth1st’s “My Favourite Practitioner” section lets you rebook with a flash with practitioners you’ve visited before.
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Why do I have to Join? is free to join and use, but healthcare is a serious matter.

This is why we need to make sure that anyone that books through our site is a validated member.

We don’t want anyone missing out on an appointment because of bookings that can not be confirmed.