Getting Started with MyHealth1st

Welcome to the world of Online Healthcare Appointments!

Your practice has made the decision to use MyHealth1st to make it easier and simpler for you to book appointments with them, any time of day or night.

Please read through the below instructions to make the most of MyHealth1st.

Installing the MyHealth1st app

  • Download the App

    Click Here to go to the Apple itunes app store, Android Market or Google Play Stores. If you don’t have a smart-phone using either Apple iOS or Google Android – our website works perfectly on all phones which have internet connectivity.

  • Open the App & Register

    Once you’ve installed the MyHealth1st app on your phone, open the application and select the ☰ button in the top left hand corner.
    Select select sign up and follow the registration process and prompts.

  • Adding your Family

    Once you’re registered and logged into your account, select ☰, then click on your email address, and then My Account. On scrolling down the page, you will see a “Family Members” section where you can add your family members to make booking for the whole family a breeze.

Booking an Appointment with the MyHealth1st app

  • Find Your Practice

    Select “🔍 Practices/Practitioners” and type in the name of your local practice.

  • Select A Treatment Type

    Practitioners across Australia have different treatment types and appointment lengths – be sure to select the treatment type most appropriate for your needs from the drop-down.

  • Find Your Practitioner

    On your screen you’ll see the full range of practitioners with available appointments for your chosen appointment type.

  • Choose the right appointment time

    Our system will default to the first available appointment, however you can select the calendar to choose your preferred date and time then click.

  • Place Your Booking

    Complete the booking process information. As you’ve created an account we’ll remember these details for you to save time next time you’re booking.

  • Confirm Your Appointment

    You’ll be presented with a screen confirming all of your appointment details. If these are correct, select “Confirm Appointment” and it’s all locked in. You’ll shortly receive an email with further confirmation of your appointment, and an appointment reminder will also be sent out to you three hours before the appointment time.

Having Troubles?

Email and our team will be more than happy to help.