Asquith Medical Centre cuts its phone time but not its appointments


A user-friendly system allowing their patients to find an appointment any time of day or night, from any device.


“Patients tell me they like the convenience that they can book at night or from work.”

Rosie Wyatt, Practice Manager, Asquith Medical Centre


Addressing the challenge

Asquith Medical Centre is a family practice committed to providing a personalised service to generations of family patients.

The Centre noticed phone calls were increasing, creating a problem for the doctors because they were unable to get through to reception.

“As most of the phone calls were patients wanting to make an appointment, I needed a solution that would be easy and convenient for them,” says Rosie Wyatt, Practice Manager at Asquith Medical Centre. “I also needed a solution which offered our current patients a way they could select their personal practitioner.”


Implementing the solution

The only online appointment booking solution that ticked all of Asquith’s requirements was Australia’s No. 1 healthcare appointment booking site, MyHealth1st.

“I spoke with team from MyHealth1st about how they could integrate with our practice software and help reduce my calls,” says Rosie.

“We needed to be able to offer our patients a way they could choose which doctor they wish to see.” Installation was an easy process, taking just 10-15 minutes onsite.

“Another reason we chose MyHealth1st is because they gave us a representative who comes to the surgery and gives us individual attention, not only to help with the technology solution but also the marketing to our patients.”

“MyHealth1st created our website giving us an online presence. It is all part of the MyHealth1st complete solution.”

Measuring the benefits

Since going live with MyHealth1st, patients have booked appointments at all times of the day and night.

“MyHealth1st stops patients calling me at 8am in the morning; that’s great,” says Rosie.

Many existing patients who see the doctor have to return 2-3 days later for results. Approximately 32% go online at their own convenience and book their appointment ahead.

Asquith also saw that the system made it easy to take bookings from new patients.

Importantly, they have more time for personal customer service. “We have noticed an increase in the amount of time freed up to talk to patients in the surgery instead of being on the phone. It is wonderful to have the time to talk and catch up with patients instead of answering a phone call to take an appointment.

We want to increase this more and more!”

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