Easy Recall

Provide unrivalled continuity of care for your patients with a more efficient recalls and reminders system

Easier recalls & reminders so you can put their health 1st

With MyHealth1st you and your patients are seamlessly connected every step of the way, so you can help them to get well sooner and stay well longer.

In every way, a better patient journey


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Patients can book an appointment in just 3 clicks

3 example screens of booking pages on mobile phones

Direct your patients to book online instantly

EasyRecalls uses a smart personal URL link that directs your patients to view available time slots. They can book their appointment instantly at any time.

Receive instant results reporting

See at a glance which campaigns are performing best and how to drive increased recall conversion to your practice.

Update patient contact details

Over 30% of Australians change their email address every year. So when your patients book, they are invited to update their email address, ensuring your PMS is always up-to-date with patient data.

MyHealth1st works seamlessly with your existing Practice Management System

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