RJK Optometry improved their online presence and their bookings


A quick and easy solution allowing their patients to find an appointment any time of day or night, from any device.


“We’ve been very impressed with it. I would definitely recommend it.”

Michael Jones, RJK Optometry


Addressing the challenge

RJK Optometry is the longest established Independent Optometry Practice in Coffs Harbour.

Optometrist Michael Jones and the RJK team decided they needed a booking system that would give them a better online presence and make their business more efficient.

When doing their research, the simplicity of the MyHealth1st system won them over. They wasted no time in seeing how it would work with their business. “We jumped on it straight away,” says Michael Jones.

Implementing the solution

As with any change, the staff were skeptical about the new system at first. However, they soon saw the benefits of MyHealth1st. The MyHealth1st system is self-functioning, with the patient managing their own appointment bookings. In fact, the staff were freed of taking bookings over the phone. “They don’t have to do anything,” says Michael Jones, referring to the ease of attracting online bookings.

The RJK team were impressed at the speed with which MyHealth1st integrated with their existing system. “It certainly integrates very well and very quickly.”

Measuring the benefits

Since activating OnlineAppointments RJK regularly received a steady stream of online bookings, reducing the need to market to new patients online.

Needless to say, the RJK team has been very pleased with MyHealth1st.

The MyHealth1st system has benefited RJK beyond booking appointments. RJK use it to send a ‘Welcome’ email and a ‘Welcome to the Practice’ form to collect patient data. “We ask them to email it back to us or bring it in with them,” says Michael.

The EasyRecall® system makes it easy to remind patients of their bookings. “We haven’t had any no-shows at all.”

Ready to put your patients 1st?


Our solutions to improve your practice

MyHealth1st makes caring for your patients more efficient by reducing your vacant appointment slots and so much more.
It’s the online platform to connect, engage and manage the entire patient journey.


Take advantage of the 55% of online bookings made after hours. Patients can book an appointment with you any time of day or night, from any device.


Get higher recall conversions at a lower cost. Patients receive a recall message to quickly and easily re-book an appointment, enhancing their continuity of care.


Create custom online surveys to gather valuable insights that will allow you to improve and grow your practice

Speeds up patient arrival and places them in a queue for their booked optometrist. Add our optional Check-in Kiosk for even more efficient check-ins.


Analyse and manage patient engagement data to optimise their healthcare experience.