Higher Recall Conversions at Lower Costs

Patient recalls are a critical part of your practice. But did you know there is a much more efficient way to do it?
Get higher conversions at lower cost with easyRECALL.

easyRECALL uses a smart SMS URL link in the text message that directs the user to a seamless view of available time slots with their preferred practice or doctor to book an appointment instantly.

As the smart recall notice already knows who the patient is, all the patient needs to do is select a suitable appointment time, confirm their details and the appointment is booked and synced into your PMS instantly.

Automated Appointment Bookings

Our streamlined sending, tracking, and appointment booking process makes it easier for you and your patients. Automated appointment bookings can even go straight into your patient’s diary, cutting down on ‘no-shows’.

Keep your patient database up to date

As a patient books an appointment through easyRECALLS, MyHealth1st confirms or collects up to date patient info, ensuring your patient records are always up to date and accurate.

Easy Access to Vital Data

With access to industry leading results, tracking and booking data, you’ll see at a glance which campaigns are performing best and how to drive increased recall conversion for your practice.

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    Hassle-free installation

    Install takes only a couple of minutes if you’re already using MyHealth1st online appointments, or under an hour if you’re new to MyHealth1st.

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    Appointment alerts

    MyHealth1st notifies you immediately both online and via SMS when vacant appointments are filled

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    24/7 Support

    Dedicated expert support for you and your team to ensure help is always at hand should you need it