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**PLEASE CLICK HERE ( to CHECK IF YOUR REGULAR GP is ON LEAVE!** At Church Street Medical Practice, our most important goal is to provide high quality medical care to everyone that steps inside our doors. We want you to know that maintaining your health and well-being means that we treat you as a person, and not as just a patient. To ensure these high standards, we ask that you nominate your primary GP, as well as a secondary GP should your regular doctor be unavailable. In this way, we’re able to ensure that your health needs are addressed by those most familiar with you, rather than offering potentially fragmented care that doesn’t meet our standards and your needs.

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TELEHEALTH: Medicare-rebatable Telehealth services are available for patients provided they have physically attended the practice in the LAST TWELVE (12) months. PLEASE BE ADVISED: From 1st July 2021, any appointments telehealth appointments to renew Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC) or Mental Health Care Plans MUST be over video; Medicare has discontinued funding for over-the-phone telehealth for care plans! PRIVATE TELEHEALTH (non-Medicare-rebatable) services are available for ALL patients. Bulk-billing IS AVAILABLE for eligible patients Mon-Fri, but NOT on Saturdays. If you are a Centrelink Concession Card or Pension Card holder, we strongly advise you to attend mid-week to minimise any out-of-pocket costs. **NB: Dr Helena Torpinski does NOT bulk bill PENSION or CONCESSION CARD HOLDERS!**

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