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At North Brisbane Psychologists, we boast a caring and collaborative culture. In the first session, your Psychologist will focus on getting to know you (and vice versa), connecting, hearing the background to your issues, getting comfortable with each other, and working with you to set some achievable goals. Our psychologists have decades of experience addressing many issues, ranging from life-changing and distressing events to everyday problems. Each of our nine psychologists undertakes their own therapeutic practices so they can better understand your struggles and give you genuine help. You can finally feel that you “connect” with a psychologist. We believe that’s the key to real healing. So if you… feel stuck or emotionally out of control suffer from depression, low mood, anxiety or panic attacks are dealing with loss or grief are struggling in your marriage or in a close relationship have struggled with parenting or the transition to parenthood feel lost and struggle to make decisions need help with sexual problems, sexuality or gender issues suffer with chronic pain, sleeplessness or memory problems have experienced childhood abuse or sexual assault suffer with Post Traumatic Stress or PTSD need help with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) traits need advice and support for Aspergers and ASD behaviours struggle with alcohol, drugs, sex, porn or another addiction have low self esteem or low self-confidence are experiencing workplace or family conflicts are challenged with work or career decisions…

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